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Artistic Statement

My work involves the practice of location recording to explore our connection to the natural world through sound. I am particularly interested in how the sonic environment shapes our understanding of the geographic notion of region or place and our identity within it. I use location recordings as artistic material for composition, multichannel audio installations, and audiovisual documents.


What I enjoy about working with location sound is that it encourages me to remain engaged in the present moment. Sound recordings so effectively transport us back into the physical spaces we existed in. Without vision as a guide, audio recordings breathe life back into memory. It has become a real pleasure after a day of recording - before editing, before labelling or categorizing, to listen back to the scenes as they unfold and reveal themselves.


I am continually inspired by the work of Ernst Karel, Annea Lockwood, Bernie Krauss, Steven Feld and Chris Watson, as well as the academic research of Yi Fu Tuan, R. Murray Schafer and Tim Ingold.  My own research has examined the notion of authenticity in ethnographic and documentary cinema, focusing on Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab and their aesthetic approach to documentary film.



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